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Rattan available

Poster: geneviamoas@juno.com

Unto the Populous of the Merry Rose 
Let it be known that in the wind blown but beautiful Shire of Seareach
(Wilmington, NC) There are 9 ft lengths of  heavy weapons grade rattan
varying from 1" to 1 3/8" diameter. These are available for $20 each. 
Currently I know of people traveling to University - Oct 3,  Atillium for
the Graill, and I think some will go to coronation.  We are trying very
hard to be sure at least a few lengths get to any event attended by a
Seareacher. So if we are there please ask. In the meantime I can be
reached at 
  geneviaMoAS@juno.com    or Ginger @ (910) 799-1941.

Let it also be known that on Sept the 19th we will be hosting Wolfmother,
a Trimarian from Atlantia many moons ago, for a class in Basic Research &
Documentation. This is the weekend before Grail  - where I hear
Documentation will be judged as a catagory.  Crash space is a
possibility. Food is on your own and we will probably feast that night as
well.  Again I can be reached at    geneviaMoAS@juno.com  or
Ginger @ (910) 799-1941.

Thank you for your time and patience

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