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Poster: DHaldeman@aol.com

Greetings to all of the Merry Rose:

     Let me introduce myself.  My name is James of Essex.  I moved to Atlantia
from Meridies about a year ago.  I have been playing in the SCA for about 3yrs
now.  Currently, I am stationed on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Right
now there are no local groups out here.  Make for a rather boring life if you
do not fish or surf; of which I do neither.
     The reason I am writing this missive is to let everyone know that there
is someone here on the Outer Banks.  If anyone travels out here for vacation
or whatever and would like to get together for a little heavy fighting
practice, I would more than willingly oblige.  You can contact me through e-
mail and let me know when you are going to be here.  I have been to one event
since I have been here and have not been able to make it to any others (money,
or lack thereof, and the distances just to get anywhere make for difficult
times) but I have been trying to schedule trips for some of the closer ones.  
     Thank you for allowing me to take a few moments of your time.  Again, if
you travel down here and would like to play, please contact me.  

Ld James of Essex
m.k.a.- Don Haldeman
PO Box 1355
Buxton, NC  27920
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