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Fwd: Announcement

Poster: "marian ainsley" <newfriends@eudoramail.com>

Hello, I just wanted all of you to know that our group down here in South Carolina have contacted some people from Markland and we WILL have a ren-faire like theirs in South Carolina.  Well, if anyone knows how to do medieval reenactments, it would be them. I am excited though.  IF any of you are merchants or have ideas that the other groups wouldn't listen to, well we will listen to them because you will be the ones visiting with family and you are our number one priority.  We are also interested in doing Medieval Weddings and I will be filing the papers for notary public soon enough.  We will have colorful ceramics, chainmail clothing, soap, arrows, and candles at a lower cost than most merchants at renfaires.
I am up for ideas so let me know your comments.

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