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Fw: On the differences between the North and South...

Poster: "Robert Dawson,PA-C" <dawsonr@naxs.net>

>> I find two enormous differences. First, I expect that a Northern
>> Principality will eventually result in much less travel through its
>> borders.

This bugbear seems to be rear its head every time any Kingdom considers
creating a new principality.  From what I've seen over the years it simply
doesn't happen.  People don't suddenly decide, "I'm not going to that event,
which I have attended for years, because it's now across the border."  If a
change results it's usually due to choosing between several events held on
the same weekend, and picking the one in Principality along the lines of,
"I'm going to this one in the Principality because I've heard a rumor that
my friend Don Disco is getting the Order of the Puce Garlic at court."

If a Kingdom has strong ties of culture and friendship throughout its
populace it will not be diminished by the formation of a Principality.

Kenna McKenna

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