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T&T Information

Poster: Elizabeth Howe <unknown@dpnet.net>

                                                T&T In Bright Hills

October 30, 31, and Nov 1 Bright Hills doth invite one and all to T&T.

Youíre right "Transylvania Travesty" is retired but, "Tourney And
Trickery" is HERE.  For your enjoyment we are offering a QUEST.  This
quest will be composed of teams including a fighter and 2 to 4
non-fighters, including one child under 13 years old.  There will be up
to 15 challenges, both mental and physical.

Following the Quest will be both  heavy and light weapons tourneys, from
which Baronial Champions will be selected (You need not be a member of
the barony to participate).  The evening will include a feast cooked by
Lady Greer Jonsdottir, with entertainment.  Remember this is a Halloween
party and Ďcostumesí are encouraged with prizes awarded.  We are also
having a homemade beverage tasting contest.  This will be a popular
acclaim competition. Non-achoholic beverages are encouraged so everyone
may participate.

For the Younger Members of our group a "Halloween party"  will be
provided.  Trick-or-Treating during the feast and at the camping areas
will take place (please bring treats).  A haunted  house, games, food
and movies will be provided from 6:30 till midnight.  Since this is
Halloween, this is a "mundane"  kids party.
We feel itís a safer, fun alternative to regular Trick-or-Treating.

The Arts competition is "What Iíve Learned This Year".  Submit something
that is a new area of arts or sciences that your have tried this year.
It is designed to encourage all by making everyone equal.  Someone new
to the SCA and someone who has been in for awhile all trying a new area
of endeavor.

The monies for the fierce troll will be:
 Day Trip only  Adults 6.00 Younger Members (under 13) 3.00
 Camping no Feast Adults 10.00 Younger Members (under 13) 6.00
 Camping with Feast Adults 13.00 Younger Members (under 13) 8.00
Lunch is provided with all fees.  If you have any dietary restrictions
please contact us.
Make all check payable to "Barony of Bright Hills/SCA Inc.".
Breakfast will be provided by the Armours on Saturday and the Childrenís
Guild on Sunday for a small donation.

Site Opens 6:00 PM Friday October 30
Activities start at 10:00 AM Saturday October 31
Court at 5:30
Feast at 7:00
Site Closes at Noon Sunday November 1

The site is Rocks 4H Camp at 8 Cherry Hill Road, Street, MD 21154.
There are barrack style dorms with all the amenities (limited privacy)
and tent camping space.  The site is discretely wet.  Pets are allowed
but not encouraged - this is a heavy tick area.

Please send reservations and questions to the Autocrat, Elizabeth the
Unknown (Elizabeth Howe), 234 Waibel Rd. Port Deposit, MD 21904, email;
lhowe@tainst.com  or phone 410-378-4840 before 11:00 pm.  Please include
both SCA and mundane names of all the people that you are registering.

Merchants are always welcome.  Please contact Master Tristan Alexander
at 410-265-8587 after 10:00AM

Take your best route to I-95 North of Baltimore, MD.  Follow I-95 to
exit 77 (MD Rte 24).  Take Rte 24 West (towards Bel Air / Rocks) for
about 12-13 miles.  For a short time Rte 24 and Rte 1 merge - continue
following directions for Rte 24 West.  Continuing on Rte 24 you will see
a sign for Cherry Hill Rd. Turn Right onto Cherry Hill Rd, go over the
one lane bridge and in about 50 feet make a Left into the camp.

Could someone please crosspost this to the East Kingdom mail list?

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