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Mousetrap Update

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

Unto the Merry Rose, greetings.  

There is yet another proverb in common use, that all cats are grey in the dark
(and at 6 in the morning.)

      I've just spent a bit of time outside (in the bright daylight, finally!)
with the Mousetraps.
   The roster stands at:
1. Momcat, who IS black and white: not tame yet.
2. Halfgrown male, silverish tabby, tame to my hand & lets me pick him up/put
on my lap;  jealous of attention shown to others.
3. Solid black, small kitten, not tame yet, sex unknown
4. Solid grey, small kitten, I didn't look at the rear end, currently in cat
5. Tabby, brown-grey with white ruff, larger than the small 3; not tame yet
6.  Small silverish tabby, female; tame to the touch

Momcat and the 3 young kittens appear to have eye infections & 2 kittens
sneeze.  Am assuming infection in all.  Grey-in-carrier was found wailing in
the foundation of the room we're adding, at 6 this AM, not seeing well enough
to run;  (s)he has a date at 9:30 AM tomorrow with the vet.  Does not object
to being held, seems to like people.  Luckily, one of our Highland Foorde
people can take this one for a week while it's recovering, then it'll be up
for grabs with the others.  We don't feel safe releasing it outside, nor can
we let it loose with our 4 indoors.
     It goes without saying that any cats who find homes through the Society
will be cured before they leave here.  James of Rutland
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