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Re: [gdh] Computer stuff

Poster: highmoor@primenet.com (Dorothy Kocher)

>We get in 2-4 _semi trailer_ loads of stuff a week... so the answer to, "Do
>you have...." is, "Somewhere".
>I'll happily grab stuff for donations to a group that needs equipment to
>computerize if you a) give me a chance to scrounge, and, b) show up and help
>me dig it out.
>									Taras
>									aka Terry 

How about a inexpensive system that will run Windows 95?  Pentium preferred.
I don't need a monitor or printer. But I do need something that will run Win
95 for school. Problem is I'm in Phoenix and your somewhere far to the East.


              Dorothy J. Kocher

"It's just that the choas has change shape.  The giraffe and the bear have
traded hats, and the bear's switched scraves with the zebra."  -Haruki Murakami


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