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Re: something VERY VERY important!

Poster: "L. Ray Sunderlin" <ray@janrix.com>

Michael Jeffrey Looney wrote:
> Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

> Thing is, she most likely will NOT be with her Parents...I will be responsible for her, and that's what I was woundering about.
> THis'll be her first event, and I KNOW she diesnt' drink, plues she's even to young to be able to in Canada right now.

Guardianship will cover all bases. 
Possibly the most important {but hopefuly not needed} reason is the
ability to sign consent forms for emergency medical care

This is an important issue anyone bringing someone who is underage to
an event "away from the home area" should keep in mind.

Hargrove the Wanderer


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