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Re: something VERY VERY important!

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

In a message dated 98-10-17 00:47:44 EDT, dawsonr@naxs.net writes:

Tristin de Roquelaure posts:
<<I have a friend that wants to come down from Torotno next month to an event
with me, but she won't be 18 until December of this year, meaning she's
What forms would her parents need to fill out for us to release her into my
protection for the event? >>

One question that hadn't been addressed . . . how will she be "coming down"?
Will she be travelling on her own?  When I was at school in Canada, I crossed
the border many times with no trouble, but it may be a bit tighter for young
people now . . . .
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