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Announcment of Known World Siege Contest at Estrella 1999 (fwd)

Poster: John Edgerton <sirjon@netcom.com>

Please forward this to any other SCA related discussion groups.

Official Announcement of the 1999 Estrella War 
Three Day Siege Activities
 and Known World Siege Combat Contest(s)

The newly developed Society Wide Siege Combat rules and standards will be in
force for all aspects of 
these activities.  Before participating in any of the following Estrella War
Siege activities all the 
Engines and Crews will be inspected.  This inspection will be for full
accordance to these new standards. 
The inspection will take place on the main battle field, starting Friday
afternoon, as early as 12:00 PM, 
and closing at the start of Baron Otto’s Siege Tourney currently scheduled for
3:00 PM.

All 1999 Estrella War Siege Activities will take place on the main battlefield
just across from, and in 
view of, the Merchant's row area.

Rules for the Know World Siege Combat contest (KWSC)

o Any Siege Crew and Engine eligible to win the KWSC must have participated in
ALL the Siege 
Activities at this War.  Part of winning this KWSC is the ability to build a
robust Engine that can 
stand up to three days of hard use.

o Any Engine to be considered for this award must appear reasonably authentic
and be reasonably 
authentically powered.

o The winner of this contest will be decided by a consensus vote of the Senior
Siege Marshaling 
team consisting of: The Society Marshall for Missile Combat or his designate,
along with the Siege 
Marshall from any attending kingdom.  If any kingdom's Siege Marshall cannot
be part of this 
war, or his/her kingdom does not have such a position, then the Senior
Marshall present, from that 
kingdom, can appoint an alternate.  This team of marshals will observe all
eligible engines as they 
participate in all three days of activities.  They will vote after the last
Siege Activity on Sunday and 
announce the winner at grand court on Sunday Evening.

o Besides the accolades of winning the first ever Known World Siege Combat
contest, the winning 
team will take home an appropriate SCA scroll and a prize containing a one-
(1) ounce gold coin.

Friday: Baron Otto’s Siege Tourney has been changed to be a two-phased Siege
Combat Tournament
. Note: a winning engine, in this contest, does not have to be authentically

o Phase 1: All the Engines will be invited to participate in a Siege Combat
Demonstration Action 
Shoot.  Each engine will be moved from one firing position to another.  At
each firing position, 
after their engine is ready, the crew will be given up to 10 shots in a five
minute period, to hit a 
man sized target positioned from 30 to 60 yards down range.

o Phase 2: Each class of engine (Ballista, Catapult, Trebuchet) will
participate in a formal single 
elimination Tournament.  Two competing engines and crew will start twenty (20)
yards from one 
of two fixed firing pits.  These two pits will be 40 yards apart.  On the
Marshall's command each 
team must move their engine to their assigned firing pit, get it ready for
operation, and then, 
utilizing counter battery fire, take out the opposing engine and/or crew,
before they themselves are 
taken out.

o The best Crew \ Engine in each class will be awarded an engraved drinking
mug, filled with 
appropriate liquid.

Saturday: War Point Scenarios Combat
This announcement is not intended to completely define these two scenarios.
  Details about these scenarios are found in the War treaty.  

o Scenario 3. HADRIAN’S WALL. A 150 foot wall shall be constructed across the
field.  Within this 
length are three gates and two closed breaches.  Siege weapons shall be
allowed, to open breach 
points and as counter battery fire.

o Scenario 5. BATTLE OF THE WHITE TOWER Initially a breach shall be closed and
the gates 
shall be open or closed as defined by previous scenarios.  Siege weapons shall
be allowed, as 
counter battery fire and by the attackers to open the gate or the breach. 

Saturday: Arial Assault 
Please be aware that for 1999 this is NOT a war point activity.  After the War
Point Scenarios have 
completed, on the main battlefield, a hay bale barrier will be built to
separate approximately equal
 teams of combat Archers and Siege Engines.  These will fight to the death,
exhaustion, lack of 
daylight, or running out of ammunition.  In this combat the ONLY way to get a
kill is through 
missile fire, combat archery or siege missiles.  This combat will allow
gleaning of all missiles
 except fiberglass shafted arrows and PVC bolts/darts/javelins?  Wooden
shafted CBA arrows / bolts, 
or any arrow that can penetrate a faceplate are not allowed at Estrella.

Sunday: Missile Assaults on Saturday's Battlefield
 While the main forces of the armies are battling in the war point scenarios
in the PIT, 
scenarios revolved around use of combat archery and siege/artillery will take
place on
 Saturday's battlefield followed by a missile style Grand Melee.

Any questions contact: 
     Master Charles of the J.A.C.s: 
      Atenveldt Siege Marshall and D.E.M.
     or CECady3@aol.com

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