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Re: Welcoming newcomers (Was *WH* can o'worms)

Poster: "Michael Looney" <mlooney@hotmail.com>

>Remember how you felt at your first event!

I remember,m but then it was jsut back in August.
I was scared comeing up thre, thinking it was going to be this big huge 
inpersonal thing.  My fiancee had passed away in June, and I still was 
scared about being around peoople, especially ones I didn't know, but 
when I got there (BTW:  It was in Chapel Hill, but I cna't remember the 
name of the event) everyone was so open and friendly, and I can't 
remember the names, but there were people doing things around the 
everywhere that were so open to talk to me about what they wree doing, 
or how they got that far, WHILE they were still working.
I'd never met a group like this before, and I'm thankful I did WHEN I 
Thank you all.

Tristan de Roquelaure ("idiot sevant")
Kingdom of Atlantia
Barony of the Windmaster's Hill
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Significant other to Angelique Tranquille


Oh muse of fire, burn through this foggy marsh;
This muddled muck wrapped in white bone is mine.
My words, il chosen, my ideas too harsh;
Ego obsecures that which would be divine.
Burn through my blackness; char it until pure.
Cleanse the serpentine swamps with holy fire,
So my follies become background blue.
Make me a vessel, filled with your desire.
Rid me of myself, so that I may create,
A gift, better tasting than, even the sweetest mate.

--Elliot Brandt Gipson

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