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Troubadours of Death!

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

Did anyone catch/ tape Fox's "Brimestone" series on friday night? I
only caught the first 15 mins. or so (I had to go to Robear's 40th
Birthday party)but it that 15 mins. they quoted the man himself,
Bertran de Born, with the "Devil" quoting old Bertie himself(very
funny since Dante wrote of Bertran in hell for his trouble-making ways
in the Inferno),the "Love once a knightly lover..." sirventes and the
show's hero reciting a short biography (think "Razo" for those who
took my Sirventes! class at university, just passed) of the poet.

I'd love to see the rest of the show...

Laus prae Lucro,

Bryce de Byram
Troubadour, Couch-potato 

"Love once a knightly Lover,
good with his weapons, and sweet-tounged,
who knows how to serve, both indoors and out
for a man of his potentency. 
Surely, a lady who lies with a man like that is 
clean of all her sins!"
-Bertrand de Born, 12c

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