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A Few Select Shows on This Month's History Channel

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

A few selected shows this month on the History Channel. Note the series
on the history of the WARHORSE. Also Toys and Games.

Lists EASTERN TIME/PACIFIC TIME, these are prime time usually
with repeats later at nite. Check your listings.

Thursday 11/5
9:00/6:00 Empires of Industry. Black Gold: The Story of Oil. Ancient
Chinese burned it in lamps; crusaders used it to make "Greek Fire;"
Ancient to Modern. [TV G]

Monday 11/9
9:00/6:00 Warhorse. A Beast for Heroes. How did man turn a timid beast
into a weapon for war? For nearly 4,000 years the horse has partnered
man. From its evolution to its first recorded historical battle at
Armageddon, we'll cover this partnership and study ancient texts from
Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  [TV G]

10:00/7:00 Modern Marvels. Bombs.  What began as incendiary devices in
7th century to modern.  From the use of diseased carcasses flung
over castle walls to Greek Fire to today's smart bombs. [TV G]
Prepare for Pennsic. :)

Tuesday  11/10
9:00/6:00 Warhorse. The Iron Horse. In the age of the gun, the medieval
use of heavy horse armor was dropped for speed and versatility. Sweden's
King Gustavus Adolphus first developed the horse in the face of
artillery, but it was Oliver Cromwell's drilling in the English Civil
War that really trained man and horse to work together as a well-mounted
killing machine. [TV G]

10:00/7:00 Modern Marvels. The Great Wall of China. Winding 6,000
kilometers through undulating mountains, it is said to be visible with
the naked eye from the moon. But who called for the Great Wall's
construction and how was it accomplished? Historians, engineers, and
scientists explore one of the wonders of the ancient world. [TV G]

Wednesday  11/11
8:00/5:00 Joan of Arc: Soul on Fire.  A teenage girl so dangerous, she
was burnt at the stake? Why did her executioners believe she was a
witch? How did an illiterate peasant girl take command of an army and
seat a king on the throne of France? We'll explore the remarkable story
of the woman warrior who became a saint. [TV G]

9:00/6:00 Warhorse. In the Face of Fire. In the Middle Ages the horse
became the center of civilized society. The knight in armor took center
stage at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 when William the Conqueror
invaded England. We explore the code of chivalry and the evolution of
cavalry up to today's descendents. Plus, Moroccan horsemen perform their
traditional "Fantasia." [TV G]

Thursday  11/12
9:00/6:00 Warhorse. The Last Charge?  19th century to 1942 [TV G]

Saturday  11/21
8:00/5:00 The History of Toys and Games.  Stone Age to Modern. (cc) [TV

10:00/7:00 Robots. 2,000 year history of the robot. (cc) [TV G]

Tuesday 11/24
11:00/8:00 Weapons at War. Famous Small Arms. The evolution of famous
small arms from hand-held mini-cannons to laser-aimed rifles.  [TV G]

Thursday 11/26
9:00/6:00 The History of Toys and Games.  Repeat.
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