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Re: Welshmen in Sideless Sircoats/Men in Spain

Poster: Grace Morris <gmorris@cs14.pds.charlotte.nc.us>

Sources to Help You in the Construction of the Clothing of 
13th Century Spain   from Mistress Maddalena Jessamyn di Piemonte
(sorry, I can't underline in this stupid system we have...)

Anderson, Ruth Matilda.  (1942).  "Pleated Headresses of Castilla and 
Leon (12th and 13th Centuries)".  In Notes  Hispanic, 1942, 

Bernis (Madroza), Carmen.  (1954). "Tapiceria Hispano Musulmana (Siglos 
IX-XI)."  Archivo Espanol de Arte, 27, 	p.189-211.

__________________.  (1956).  oIndumetaria Medieval Espanola.  Madrid:  
Institute Diego Velasquez.  through late 15th c.

__________________.  (1956).  Tapiceria Hispano-Musulmana (Siglos XII y 
XIV).  Archivo 	Espanol de Arte, 29, 	p.95-115.

__________________.  (1970).  La Moda y las Imagenes Goticas de la 
Virgen.  Claves Para su Fechacion.  Archivo 	Espanol de 
Arte, 43, p.193-218. timelines for the evolution of the 		
basic camica, saya

Canderra y Solano, d. Valentin.  (1864).  Iconagrafia Espanola- 
Colleccion de Retratos, Estatuas, Mausoleos y 	Demas 
Monumentos Inededitos de Reyes, Reines, Grandes Capitanes, 		
Escritores, Etc. desde el Siglio XI hasta el VII.  Madrid:  Imprenta de 
Don Romon Campuzano. surpisingly accurate source, drawings from tombs

Lovillo, Jose Guerrero.  (1949).  Las Cantigas:  estudio arqueolologico 
des sus miniaturas.  Madrid:  Instituto Diego Velasquez. good 
categorization of clothing types, but questionable 	because of 
pattern conjecture...also weapons, architecture, clerical vestments

(also look in various art books , too many to list here!)

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