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Myths and Rumors

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Gentle cousins,

I heard another one of those great myths and rumors again this weekend, and
as it pertained to heraldry, I thought I'd take this opportunity to squelch

The myth is:  You have to be a paid member of SCA, Inc. to register a

THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!  *Anyone* in the SCA can register a name/device/badge.

The only stipulations with regard to registration are that you must
register a name either with or before registering an armory (because we
catalog it by your SCA name) and that _in Atlantia_, you must
have a registered name and device to receive an official armigerous scroll
from the Clerk Signet's office.

Any questions?

Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald
House Corvus, Sacred Stone

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