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Rennaissance Clothing

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

Good Tristan -

	It's a shame that I left Buxton just as you came on board.   My
choice of period and garb often see me in the styles of late 1500's Flemish
and Scottish lands.  Fully accompanied by lace worked caps and narrow
aprons.   And the occaisional Germanic and Italian sneak in, but most of my
clothing dates from 1550 to 1600, no matter what it's country of origin.
	Lars,  who left Buxton for Aethelmarc before I did, often wore his
Germanic Pluderhosen.  That dates right at 1550, or there abouts.
	Honestly,  for a great many people it is a case of comfort for both
the wallet and the body.  Trust me,  a Buxton summer in a woolen dress with
corset and cartridge pleated skirt is not fun.  I know I did it once, in
July, never again.
	Also,  fashion in the SCA is similar to other societies.   Sure
some people have one tunic and are wedded to it for life,  others like to
experiment.  I even know of one hard core Viking who has one outfit from
1590's France.  All in black velvet and lace.   Tres chic...
	Also,  something I have found is that I will wear my workaday
comfortable garb to an event.  It's easier care in cases of mud,  dust,
rain,  cooking grease and the like.  And take along my "formal" stuff for
the evening.  But darned if I ever get the time to change into it...   I
think 12th night is one of the few events where I really wear "formal" garb
full time.
	But why do you ask?
	Are you interested in the later period...  ?  hmmmm....
	Come,  let me show you the wonders of the latter 1500's... ...

	Bridgette Kelly MacLean
	The MacLean of Atlantia

	(shhhh....   be very quiet... we might convert him yet....  ; >  )

Bridgette Kelly MacLean
The MacLean of Atlantia

(mka   Mari Stewart
	Ithaca, NY

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