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Angels and Heralds and Wierdos, oh my (was Re: Angels)

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

> > Since there are obviously more than 9, and heralds do not count higher than 8,
> > the heraldic answer is "Semy of angels".

> Um...what happened to the other 2 fingers??
> And what about the toes????

Thumbs are differenced from fingers, and thus not included as counting
objects... as for toes, a herald displayed proper (which is the only way
to correctly display a herald) is always shoed.

{Side note: a female herald may also be slipped, although this remains a
matter of historical conjecture as we have no documented use of female
heralds in period... however, Cornet Pennywhistle, in his "Imaginary
Heraldic Usage in West-Central Europe, 1200-1600", states that while a
female herald might be slipped, she should never be leaved.}

Keeping a weather eye out for flying cutlery,
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