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Hotel Information Corrections

Poster: Dominica Harlan <DHarlan@RodgersBuilders.com>

Thanks to those enterprising individuals who already entered reservations 
with the hotel for 12th Night, and greater thanks for passing on some 
difficulties they had.

First of all, Howard Johnson unfortunately does not handle group discounted 
reservations through its 1-800 reservation line. To reserve with the hotel 
you will have to either call the hotel directly at (704) 527-1620 or fax 
reservation information to them at (704) 527-1615. There had been a problem 
with the front desk not knowing who the SCA is, but that has been ironed 
out. If you call during the business day and you have problems with the 
front desk, ask for Melissa Manning, their sales director, and she will 
take care of it.

If anyone has any further problems with the hotel, please contact me 
immediately by email or by my work number below, or at home,(704) 556-7173, 
and I will personally take care of it for you.

Again, reserve early and reserve often for both hotel rooms and on-board 
spaces. I look forward to seeing all of you at 12th Night.

Yours in Service,
Ceara ingen an Fear-fearainne
Deputy Autocrat, Kingdom 12th Night


Dominica Harlan
Project Assistant

1320 Scott Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28204

Phone: 704/334-5462
Fax:  704/335-0231

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