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Re: A Rennaisance Question

Poster: MCAMEROUN@aol.com

Tristan writes:

<< Why do we seem to stear FAR away form all the renaisance styles for garb
and such?

Actually, there is a healthy contingent of females wearing renaissance
clothing!  I find that now that I'm wearing garb from the 1470's to 1510's,
that there are more of us out there than I originally thought. Of course, that
could be because I'm noticing the style more now ("hm....let's see. How did
she do those sleeves?  What kind of fabric is that?")  There were a number of
very well-attended classes on Ren garb at Pennsic, as well.  I imagine that it
is perhaps less popular among men, although I don't know for sure . . . never
having asked the question.

Margaret Cameron,
who wears Renaissance clothing, 
and whose personal motto is, "You can't have too many pearls . . ."
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