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Re: Please Read This

Poster: Grumpy Witch <zofran@deepthot.ml.org>

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Tom Rettie wrote:

> Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@mail.his.com>
>  "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com> wrote:
> > I'm sorry, again, for useing band width for this, but I think this is
> > somehting that everyone should read.
> <snip>
> This one's an urban legend folks.  For more info, see:
> http://urbanlegends.miningco.com/library/blsnakes.htm
> http://www.snopes.com/horrors/parental/ballpit.htm

Just a friendly reminder:  Please *do not* forward things that say "Please
forward this to everyone you know" (virus warnings, scam warnings and the
like). The websites Tom listed are really good places to check the
validity of email like this.  

Most of those things are sort of like email virii.  They go around the
'net forever and waste resources.  Too many well-meaning folks get caught
by them. 

('cause Ayo doesn't know anything about 'puters)
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