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The ABC's of the SCA...need your help.

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

Greetings all!

This missive comes to each of you as a request for your help/input.

The Kingdom of Atlantia is seeking to create a series of
coloring/educational books for our children. The working title is "The
ABC's of the SCA".

What do we need of you, you ask? Well.......LOTS! But, I assure you it
will be relatively painless and Very Low Cost (Oooh, Aaaah, Hmmmmmm)!

The SCA can be difficult to explain to children (and others Just
Learning). Therefore it is the KISS method we are following. We need
the following:

1) Line Drawings of: 
     ^People (Archers, Brewers, Cooks, Chiurgons       
(sp?*ducking*), Drummers, etc [see the ABC         pattern there?<g>]. 
     ^Things (Armour, Braziers, Chests, Pavilions, etc)
     ^Activities (A&S, Basket weaving, Illumination,        Jousting,
Tatting, etc).

***** These line drawings should be from Simple (young children 2-6
yrs old) through advanced (adults[yes, we like to color too ;)]). They
should also be on 8.5x11 paper; portrait format preferred. Left/Right
margins of 1.25" minimum, Top/Bottom margins of .5" minimum. Text can
be Top or Bottom.

2) BRIEF descriptions of the same as above. These should be only a few
sentences and if SCA Jargon is used, it should be explained/defined.
It would be ideal of the line drawings came with the brief
descriptions already written in on the page, for formatting and
editing ease. Other submissions will be used to Cut and Paste onto
drawings with no text submitted.

***** Text should be easy to read. I will not designate ONE font, as
diversity is good. But, think ease of reading and printing as high
priorities. No frilly calligraphy that's hard on the eyes, please.
Hand written or mechanically printed are both fine.

3) Activities to be included: Mazes (find the Hidden Mountain, Guard
the Sacred Stone, etc), Games (9 man morris - with instructions, etc).
Same one page format as line drawings.

4) More Ideas on What You Would Like This Coloring/Educational Book To
Granted, that's not to say the ideas will all BE implemented; but if
you don't tell we won't know, Hmmmm?

5) Please help spread the word by forwarding this message to other
lists/persons that might be interested in supporting this project.

****** DEADLINE for submissions: January 15, 1999
We are hoping to have all ready for publishing by April.

Please direct questions to me here, or my #1 helper (Wynnie

In gratitude and service, 

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