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Re: women only tournies

Poster: "Michael J. Lonski" <mlonski@aclltd.com>

>> I feel diheartened when I go to do art things (like danceing, ofr
>> and there's about a 100 women, and maybe one or 2 otehr guys there.
>>  I, personally, feel intimidated in instances like this.
>Intimidated....?  Those odds sound down right encouraging to me!  100
>women....  2 guys....  where do I sign up to dance?!

<shameless plug>

Well, I don't know what the numbers will be like, but there definitely
will be plenty of dancing at Caer Mear's Masked Ball event, coming soon
to central Atlantia.  I understand that some of the best dancers and
finest looking gentles will be there!  *grin*

</shameless plug>

Please, do come and join us.

(who got an AoA and a Baronial A&S award for teaching dancing long before
 all this fighting stuff)

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