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Wolf Rampant

Poster: akratts@boole.com

Greetings All,

Sorry for taking up bandwith, but every note I've sent to the following
heralds' individual emails has been bounced: Evan da Collaureo, Dom Pedro
de Alcazar, Blaise (Jim Trigg) and (Sharon). If any of the four of you get
this via the Merry Rose, please reply to my personal email. Thanks!!

Greetings All,

I attended the Ponte Alto Crown Tourney on the 9th and visited the Herald's
Table. While I met and spoke with Evan, I didn't get the name of the lady
herald seated at the herald's table with him. Was that you, Sharon?

The lady herald had a photocopy of a few heraldry symbols from an
out-of-print book. I tried to trace the wolf rampant for my Heraldic
Submission Emblazon Form, but the pencil tracing doesn't do the original
justice. Besides, I want to use the wolf rampant design on a quilt and I
need a copy with better detail.

I'd like to get in touch with said lady herald and send her some money so
she can make a photocopy of the wolf rampant and mail it to me. Is she on
the Merry Rose? If not, would anyone know who she happened to be?



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