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Looking for Harry Bruner, Jr.

Does anyone know a gentle by the modern name of Harry L. Bruner, Jr. who may
live in the vicinity of Newton, NC? If so, please have him contact me
immediately (919-319-1910) or send me his current contact info.

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Poster: burginde@juno.com (deborah e burgin)

Thank you for that comment, but what I left out was that we were
investigating buying one of those plastic bag/vacuum sealers (like
"eurosealer" but industrial-grade) - this is something we were already
aware of - especially given that one of the proponents of the idea
believes in buying spice in bulk and whole, not ground because this lasts
longer.  Dating it is an excellent idea, though.

The big emphasis is on maintaining recipes and/or feasts so that people
don't have to constantly "re-invent the wheel" in trying to scale up
recipes for large groups of people (someone's already done the
calculations for savory toasted cheese for 150 people).

Thank you

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