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Re: Question on Court Etiquette and Conscience

Poster: Nicole Smithers <ladyemma@mindspring.com>

This is answered in period....

"One knee for Their Majesties... two knees for God"

I know of no religion, which forbids taking a single knee or bowing as a sign 
of respect.  However,the corpora states that if due to religions 
reasons you cannot bow or kneel then you don't have to. 

The following statement is taken directly from corpora
"Except as provided herein, neither the Society nor any member acting in
its name or that of any of its parts shall interfere with any person's
lawful ceremonies, nor shall any member discriminate against another upon
grounds related to either's system of belief."

It is the later half of this paragraph to which I am refering. 

There is no rule or regulation that states you have to take a knee before
the Crowns.  However, courtesy, honor, and chivalry (tenants upon which our
society is founded) denote
that some outward sign of respect is shown to the Crowns. 

In every Kingdom to which I have traveled they observe similar Kingdom
traditions toward the 
Crowns, bowing and or kneeling. 

In service
Daemon Broussard

At 12:44 AM 11/15/98 EST, BlakHat1@aol.com wrote:
>Poster: BlakHat1@aol.com
>I have members in my household who due to their religious convictions will
>only bow or kneel in a house of worship.  Should one of my companions ever be
>called before the Court, what would be the respectful alternative to bending?
>David ben Sarkel ha-Kuzari
>House Brokie


The Phoenicians were not great philosophers... they pondered the simpler
questions, like "If I stick this spear in you, can I take your stuff?",
"Do you have relatives that would be mad if I took your stuff?", and
"Can my relatives beat up your relatives?"
(c) Doug Robarchek
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