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A Knight At The Races

Poster: Reinegrey@aol.com

    I am so proud to say that all went very well for our Coursing event at
Knight Races, and i was way too busy with the pups to attend the Equestrian
activities  :(~   But maybe next time.  Okay Seareach, you should be very
proud of your Hounds!   They did extermely well!  One eyed Jack won "Top
Hound" for this event, My Lord William (Bill) with the Greyhounds won most
Chivalrous on the Coursing field and I was awarded my Huntsman Status Pin.
Although Jack and Bill made off with the bounty! Jack received a beautiful
walnut box with a Hound that looked almost like him (no, that was not
planned), and Bill received a gorgeous Goblet with two Celtic Knot Greyhounds
etched on it, and yes, I am envious, but hey. they are both in my house, he he
he. We had a total of eight hounds, my four, Lady Catriona (Jennifer Deutschk)
with Willow and Hailey(the sister of my little Golden Hound) and the Mistress
of the Hounds with her two hounds, Patty Cake and Emily. All were great in
thier efforts to catch that plastic "Hannofords, Foodlion bunny" as to which
three of them did Jack, Willow, and Patty cake ( but only after she knocked
the line from the pullies, hey, smart dog, she knows how to stop that lure!)
We had an over whelming response to the Lure Coursing, it just amazes me as to
how many people do not know of the Hounds and the Horses in the SCA. So come
on Atlantians! Lets start showing our Hounds and Horses! If you will provide
the room, we will come out and run! For thoses of you have have any questions
about Hounds on "no pet sites" just contact the fine Shire of Bordervale Keep,
they can inform that site owners will allow the Greyhounds because they are so
controlled. And we even did a small demo for some 4-H-ers to boot. I think we
may be on to something here. And one more thing! I want to thank all of you
people that helped handle, release, and walk the Hounds thru the coursing, if
not for you we could not have done it and if ever you are at a couring event
that my hounds are at, by all means , come over, I'll use ya again!  Thank you
all for your help!  In Service to Atlantia's Horses and Hounds!  Lady Reina
with the Golden Hound- Huntsman
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