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Re: Curved plywood for shields.

Poster: GUNDSPHOTO@aol.com

>TBone's squire Armand has welded a reallt sweet press, but it is in the
>thrivingmetropolis of Beloit, WI.  Perhaps Sir Thorbrandr can talk his
>squire into giving us the plans.  Hmmmmm?>

I would be happy to share my plans, but they contains no novels, ( but I did
read them while in service) the only tree is on my device, and a car jack???
Humm  its close, but I use < inch angle iron, 1inch threaded rod, 5 oak 2 x 12
and a house jack.  The Bad news is that it is NOT portable at all.  The good
news is I can press 3 shield at once. ( insert Tim Allen Grunt here).  I am
hoping to make another van full this winter and drive out to T-bone's this
spring were I will be happy to sell and or trade for them.  Anyone wishing for
the plans for my press e-mail me and I will be happy to draw them up for you.


Living in North Shield but an Atlantian at heart.
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