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Feast of Saint Andrew - Update on Reservations

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

I've had calls asking if there are still on board places available for the Feast of Saint Andrew on the 28th of this month.

Sure are!!!  And, although I will not be able to attend Saint Dismas this weekend (we're cooking already!!!), Baroness Simone has kindly agreed to take reservations for those of you who want to beat the deadline for price increases and guarantee a seat at feast.  (There is no problem with mailing me reservations later, but it might be a good idea to call or email me to let me know you are coming since we will make a determination on the number of people we will cook for on Tuesday evening.)  And, please, if you need crash space for the event, contact me so we can accommodate your allergies and preferences.

In case you're not familiar with it, Saint Andrew's is a very laid back affair known for the hilarity of its Celtic cattle raids and the size and quality of its feasts.  (NO TURKEYS except the autocrat!!!)  And this year we're adding all-comers "croquet-roquet" rounds, some new variants on Scottish games and a new site only a few miles off I-95 for the convenience of those travelling from afar.

or, as we said in Acorn:

Feast of Saint Andrew 
Tear-Sea's Shore
November 28

We admit it!  Last autumn's howling winds and fearsome mundanities drowned out the siren song of the pipes.  Yet so piteous were the cries of the hungry populace and so loud the lowing of the Hieland kine that even the most hard-hearted of autocrats must relent and so . . .

The Feast of Saint Andrew returns!!!  The Canton of Tear-Sea's Shore once again invites to you to "Go Gael!" in the traditional manner on November 28, the Saturday following Thanksgiving.  For the convenience of our friends to the North and West, the site is the Harleyville Community Center (20 South Railroad Avenue, Harleyville, SC   29448, a bare 15 minutes from I-95.  It opens at noon, closes at 10 p.m. and is discreetly wet.

Most of the traditional competitions and festivities will be back this year, including the infamous boffer Celtic Cattle Raid and a variety of traditional Scottish games (caber, sheep and haggis provided!).  More "artistic" competitions include most creative use of a thistle, best calligraphy and/or illumination in the Celtic manner and best food or drink using honey or heather (extra points for using both!!!).  Also, in true Scots tradition, there will be several. . . rhetorical, that's right, rhetorical, competitions which should require considerably less preparation. . .

As night falls, our cooks will present the traditionally sumptuous three-course feast of delicacies from mountain and shore.  After the feast, we plan on more dancing, singing, revelry and a dessert table open to all.

The cost for on-board reservations is only $10.00 for adults and $6.00 for children 6 or over, if payment is received by Nov ember 8.  The price rises to $12 for adults and $8 for children over 6 for reservations paid by Nov. 23.  (No charge will be made for children under 6.)  Off-board - which includes the dessert table - is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children at any time.  ON-BOARD SPACE IS SEVERELY LIMITED so we suggest you reserve early to avoid disappointment.  If any on-board seats are available at the door, the fee will be $15 for adults and $11 for children.  
Send all reservations to the autocrat, Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (E. L. Wimett, Box 522, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465).  Make checks payable to the Canton of Tear-Sea's Shore, SCA, Inc.  Note: questions will cheerfully be answered by telephone (803-881-5517) or electronic mail (SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net), but reservations must be made by mail or in person with payment.


Take your best route to I-26 west of Charleston, South Carolina.  Take exit 177 (Route 453) towards Harleyville.  Follow this road until it ends in a T junction.  Turn left on Route 178 toward downtown Harleyville.  At the flashing yellow light turn right.  The site is approximately 2 blocks ahead on your left.

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