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Its New to ME!

Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

Since few were there, I would like to relate something about the "It's
New to ME" event hosted by Caer Galin yesterday. It was fantastic, very
friendly and a great deal of fun. The event was a collegium for new
members. All the classes were extremely entry level and done as hands on
type workshops where people got to really play with things and do them,
not just a class. I was lucky enough to be allowed to teach there
(cooking and a little Heraldry). It was one of the most enjoyable
experiences I have had in recent SCA history. No minute details, no
class/lecture (really doing things) and the excitement, wonder and
interest of the students help remind me of that Neat New Surprise
feeling I used to get some 20+ years ago.

Best of all there was a very positive discussion of doing this as a
traveling collegium or at least as a regular event with an expanded list
of workshops (all VERY basic stuff).

These classes really came alive, thank you VERY much, Caer Galin 

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