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Re: T1000 shields?

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

On the subject of super-light shields . . . while lightness is an advantage to
a point, if a shield is TOO light, it can paradoxically be tiring or even

Why?  Because if a shield has not enough inertia to deaden the force of a
blow, the the user has to take a lot of that force with this strength of his
arm, almost as if he were blocking it with his (armored) arm alone.

Blows from certain angles could simply spin the shield out of the way and come
right in.

Blows from certain other angles could impart a twisting action to the arm
which could result in discomfort or injury.

Have a care of making gear too light ...  there is a trade off!

At different times, there were minimum weight-to-size ratios for shields,
which were partly for authenticity and partly, I believe, for safety.  Perhaps
these should be re-introduced . ...

~Donal Mac Ruiseart.
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