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RE: Shield weights

Poster: BlakHart66@aol.com

One more thing about shield weights - I have no idea how this would work with
other people, but it really worked for me - my first shield, which I still
fight with (when I'm not stuck working during fighter practice/events) was
huge - 1/2" thick, full 2'x4' heater, with minor curved cuts on the
bottom...could barely fight with it 5 minutes at first...eventually, I could
fight for a while, and move it around, too...not quickly, but alright...then,
before Kingdom Crusades, I cut almost a foot off the bottom, so that it is
just a hair too short - have to crouch a little to cover the knee - but, the
shield is normal weight, heavy to an aluminum-oriented person, and I can block
sooo many shots that I never could react to quick enough before. 
	What my rambling boils down to is this: by learning to fight with an
oversized, overweight shield, I can use a more normal shield probably much
better than if I had started with it. Just thought I'd share my experience, so
that new fighters might gain some benefit. I'm still a newbie myself, but
after 8 months of fighting, I think its time for me to try to share my still
limited knowledge.

Gideon of Black Diamond
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