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Off Topic Car Help

Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>

Hi All!

Sorry for the intrusion, but I'm kinda in a bind.

Diana and I have two cars.  I have the 92 Geo Metro, Diana has the 93 GMC

The Jimmy overheated, and the mechanic said it was a cracked intake
manifold.  Then he said no, it's the manifold gasket.  They worked on the
engine to the tune of $600 and said the Jimmy was ready.

Two days later there's this knocking sound....it started off as very faint,
but grew to a loud knock by the time we reached the mechanic.  He told us
that it was a rod knocking, that it was broken and caused more damaged.  We
needed a new engine.

A reworked engine would be about $2000 we were told.  We don't have that.
We are down to one income right now and things are tight as it is.  We still
owe $5000 on the Jimmy.  We were looking into possible negligence, but we've
been informed that it would be difficult if not impossible to prove.

My Geo isn't paid of either.  We owe about $2000 on that vehicle as well.

We can't get the Jimmy fixed.  We don't want to keep making payments on a
car we can't drive. We were told that we could turn the car in to the bank,
and they would tack on the balance to a new car loan...but paying $15,000
for a $10,000 car kinda grates on me.......

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for the interuption, now we return you to your regularly scheduled

Bill Garrett/William Ringlancer

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