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Ponte Alto Cooks' Guild

Poster: "R. Trigg" <rtrigg@hoflink.com>

Holiday greetings to one and all.

I apologize for missing the Il Tempo deadline - I was sick and did not see 
the chronicler's announcement until two days after the deadline. However, I 
would like to announce the next meeting of the Ponte Alto Cooks' Guild. It 
will be on January  17 at 6 p.m. at Mistress Ursula d'Arcy's place. The 
theme for this meeting will be fish and fast dishes. We are planning on 
making salmon roast in sauce, mushrooms and leeks, and eel (for any 
adventurous enough to try it). The guild is asking a $5 (or so) donation 
toward the cost of the salmon - also, if you plan to attend, please let 
Mistress Ursula know so that she knows how much salmon she will need.  Her 
number is 631-3494. 

Directions to Mistress Ursula's:

>From the east (like the Beltway):  Go out 66 West and take the Route
50 West exit.  The big green sign says Winchester, and the NRA
building is on the left right at the exit.  Go through many lights.
When you see the shopping center with the Shell station on the left,
start counting lights.  The Shell is 1, the middle of the shopping
center is 2, 3 is Plaza Lane, 4 is Stringfellow Road (get in the left
lane now), and turn left at 5 -- Lees Corner Road.  **Go up the hill,
pass the elementary school on the right, notice the 4-way stop sign at
Pennsboro Drive (don't turn).  Shortly the road will go down into a
little wooded hollow, and Ursula's house is the first on the left
after the trees, on the way back up.

>From the northwest:  Go down Route 28 and exit onto Route 50 East.  Go
through several lights, *approximately* 5.  When you see the small
shopping center with the Staples on the right at what I think is the 
5th light, get in the right lane.  The next light will be Lees Corner
Road; turn right onto it and follow from ** above.

>From the southwest:  Go up Route 28 to the 66 interchange.  Get in the
right lane, but do not get on 66.  Turn right onto Walney Road at the
light right after the interchange.  When the woods go away on the
right, start looking for the cross (not T) intersection; turn right on
Poplar Tree Road.  Pass St. Timothy's Church on the right, and take
the next left -- Lees Corner Road.  In about half a mile, when the
road goes down into the hollow, Ursula's house is the last on the
right before the trees.

The address is #4405 Lees Corner Rd. Ursula's number, if you get lost, is 

If you have questions, I can be contacted at rtrigg@hoflink.com or by phone 
at 941-6162 (NLT 11 p.m. ).

In Service to the Barony,
Gosphoza Nostas'ia Stepanova

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