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RE: cheap fabric

Poster: Kendra Rosenberg <krosenberg@RSIS.COM>

It was said:
Further, let's say that she's a poor college student and doesn't have
money for garb and no one in her camp does either.  Are we going to be
anal about this sort of thing?  I hope to heck not....

It was also said:
Well, not to be rude about it, but, jeez, if she can't afford enough
cheap $1.06/yard material to make a simple t-tunic, 

****Where**** are you doing your fabric shopping and ******why******
aren't you sharing this info?  

And replied to:
Yes, PLEASE share! I've bene to wal-mart, and I've been able to find
enough fabric that I can afford to make a tunic, and get a little stuff
for the ends, but it's still a LOT more than just $1 a yead...more like
about $3 a yard...ANd, of course, I messed up and ended up buying an
aditional 2 yards more, on top of the the 6 yards I bought before...
It's really money I SHULND"T heave spent AT ALL...

	To all of which I reply: perhaps I can help:

	Firstly, Agreed. I use 6 yards for my full circle hooded
cloaks...too much for a tunic.

	Secondly, I believe most SCAdians recognize that there are
persons who play and want to play who are of limited means or just
getting started and would not judge a 'good faith' attempt badly, but
may I offer:

	Thirdly, I have done a fair bit of seamstry in my time and have
found that using the fold as the top'seam', I can take 3 yards of just
about any fabric and create both a simple "T" tunic (about mid thigh
length: long or short sleeves) and a full length/circle skirt (or
pants)to match. Worn with the tunic over the skirt/pants and a belt to
hold it altogether (and to hang your 'stuff' on), while not 100%
authentic, it can serve basic garb until you have determined where you
would like to go next.  You can adjust to allow for a longer tunic (if
you want a one piece item) and for those for whom sewing is a necessity
rather than a pleasure, the tunic is done with only two binding seams
(the ones that actually hold the material together)and three
facing/aesthetic seams (for the collar and cuffs of the sleeves).  You
use one of your own 'T' shirts as a guide and I have found this method
fits most everyone (I would hazard that with a little adjusting, a
competent seamstress could make the pattern fit larger or smaller as
needed.....taller than 6'3 or around more than 60" may mean more yards,
but the pattern is the same) 
	*details provided upon request.

	3 yards of lightweight cotton (I find it at Jo-Ann's, Wal-Mart
etc. for 2$ regular and 1.27 on sale...and I do NOT live in an
inexpensive area) and you've got a pretty nice ensemble for about 6$.

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