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Playing Cards

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

Greetings all --

Well I am not Dafydd or Eogan -  but I do know a bit on this subject...
	The Cloisters has several examples of 1450 playing cards, German in
	The cards are made of paste board and painted with tempera and ink.
	The drawings were simple, but colorful.
	The deck I saw contained 4 suits:  hobbles, collars, nooses and
	The scenes were based on a hunting theme.
	The various numerical values of the cards were simply represented
by the number of the item from the suit.   ie.  a three of nooses  had
three nooses drawn on the front of the card.
	Noble cards were present:  there were three in each suit,  I can't
swear what the three were.  I think Either  Lady/Knight/Page   or
	The reverse side of the card was plain with only a narrow painted
	That's about as much as I can convey without having my picture  of
the cards in front of me.
	Hope it helps some.  Good luck.
	Bridgette Kelly MacLean

Bridgette Kelly MacLean
The MacLean of Atlantia

(mka   Mari Stewart
	Ithaca, NY

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