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Re: cheap fabric and Bad Generalizations

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

RowenRhys@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 99-01-09 11:57:52 EST, Betty_and_David@compuserve.com
> writes:
> << If a college student can not afford a tunic and their camp mates cannot
>  afford a tunic, then how the heck can they afford beer, food and their
>  entrance fee? Rock concert tickets are 35 bucks a pop and college students
>  go to them in droves.    I remember being young and poor and I would go
>  without food, be creative and ingenious and do deep inhaling exercises
>  around young men in order to get what I really wanted for my amusements.  I
>  imagine that young folks still do these things today.  >>

I wouldn't know about that....I have never been to a rock concert in my life, I
don't drink beer, I scraped together my entrance fee the first time I went,
Pennsic being a much shorter event in those days.  I would never have thought to
prevail upon young men in that manner, something I would have considered
rude.....to be able to eat, I worked for a merchant and used what they paid to buy
food to cook.  I slept in a corner of someone else's tent, and I had one piece of
garb that I washed every day when I took a shower.  It was cheap and cotton, but
it worked.  That and a cloak got me by.

> **As a recently former college student (I graduated 3 years ago), I take great
> offense at such a blatent generalization.  While in college I was in the SCA
> and neither myself nor my fellow members did any of the above mentioned items

As a former college student some time ago, I'm kinda offended......but then there
are idiots who do all manner of things in college just as there are folks who
don't.  I remember once when I expressed disgust at the idea that someone might be
smoking marijuana, but I couldn't be sure because I couldn't identify the smell,
someone said to me, "Oh, come on, you've been to college."  Now I'd like to know
since when does that qualify you to identify a drug?  Being allergic to cigarette
smoke, I never sat around with people who did drugs.....in fact, I wasn't really
cogniscent of the drug culture and would have to ask to have terms and such
explained to me.  I know what I know mainly from asking my mom, a retired R.N.
about the effects of such things.

> (except perhaps for the "inhaling exercises" added to a few bats of the
> eyelashes).  It may be that young folks may still do these things these days
> (ie beer, expensive rock concerts), but my point is that these individuals are
> usually not the SCA-minded ones who are active across colleges campuses today.
> Rowen ferch Rhys,
>  who as a college student would never have fathomed going to Pennsic and who
> didn't know that beer was a requirement in addition to food and an entrance
> fee

Well, it wasn't when I went.....then again, of course we should remember that
there are responsible individuals in college who drink beer and mead and cordials
and such and do so responsibly.


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