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Re: Twelfth Night!

Poster: Jen Thies <jthies@umuc.edu>

> And for those who hadn't heard,  

Also the winners of the A&S competitions goes as follows:

Hard Accessories (cast pewter, brass, or wood)
	Lady Kyneburh Boithuile with her beautifully cast belt mounts and a
plack belt for her lord.  Also, matching buttons on both outfits.
Soft Accessories (ruffs, woven belts, fans, pouches, etc.)
	Lady Gerthilde the Willful for her elegant Elizabethan ruff and cuffs
(modeled by the beautiful Lady Gwen.)  These were entirely hand sewn
with linen and silk.

Second place in both categories went to the Lady Anastasia dello Sendo
Rosso, the seneschal of Hidden Mountain.  She did a set of beautiful
fans as an accessory to an Elizabethan outfit.  They were lovingly
carv'd, feather'd, and tassel'd, with great documentation.

Third place in the soft Category went to Lady Isabel Ulfdottir for a
tablet woven Viking belt.  Her documentation and skill was excellent as

The New Royal Bard, Ruaidhri an Cu and the new Royal Armourer, Count
Thorbrandr Olafsson were announced earlier by the gracious Lord Kevin of

I extend a sincere Thank You to all of the judges and my deputy Karen
Larsdatter for her help throughout the day.  Also a great thanks to the
service of the outgoing Royal Bard, Lady Ysolt, and the outgoing Royal
Armourer, Baron Heinrich.

Vivants to all of the winners in addition to those that were rasied to
the level of Nobility and the new Mistress of the Pelican and the new
Mistress of the Laurel.  Their Royal Majesties are kind and generous to
acknowledge their populace for the works done.

In addition to all of the winners and those called into the prescence of
Their Majesties to receive awards, many kind gentles displayed their
fine works of art during the event.  Aracne's Web did an active display
in the merchant area of all of their lace making talents and finished
projects.  The members of the guild and their supporters were seen
throughout the day wearing a silver spider on their shoulder.  Also,
another ruff was on display, a beautiful scroll, a set of knit pouches,
and a beautiful display of Russian/ Byzantine Icons with excellent

All of these arts displayed and worn lifts my spirits and heart to know
the talent that abounds throughout this fair kingdom.  Vivat Atlantia,
her Crown and Heirs, and her People!!

In Service,
Genevieve d'Aquitaine
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