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AD Re: TURKU show, more info

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

Greetings, all.

Thank you for your patience and space on the bandwidth.

The TURKU concert and video shoot, with professional guest performers
The Ghawazee Troupe, will take place on Saturday January 30th, 1999.

Several have asked the following questions, so I am answering publicly
here for the benefit of others as well.

Q1: *Where* Is Newberry, South Carolina?!

A: Just outside of Columbia... Take I-26 in South Carolina to exit 76.
Turn south and follow to Main 
 Street and the Newberry Opera House in Newberry, SC.

Q2: How much are tickets and how do I aquire them?

A: Tickets are $10 ($5 students) reserved seating.  Order tickets and
other info through the Newberry Opera House web site at:

The site offers information on motels, restaurants, sightseeing, and
directions, as well as reserving tickets.

Q3: Will the video be avilable for purchase at a later date?

A: Yes, that is part of the production planning now taking place. Stay
tuned for more updates, or write me with questions. The primary goal
of the video is to assist in promoting the band in it's efforts to
book shows and tours. You really have to see them to believe the
wonder of their music. Those who have heard the magin on the CD and
never seen the show are missing half the magic (IMHO:grin).

Thank you all for supporting the work of these fine folk. For those of
you who are unsure of who you are supporting: Master Sir Dav'id
(Dav'id Korup) is the percussionist, Master Carl von Nordmark  (Ted
Monnich)and his lady wife Carla are instrumentalists; The other two
instrumentalists are non SCAdians, but great folk none the less
(grin). This folk ensemble plays PERIOD euraisian folk music, on
traditional instruments, fom the Balkans, Turkey, Khadistan (sp?) etc
etc. They just got glowing reviews from Dirty Linen Magazine (The
Rolling Stone of world music mags).

Sincerely and in thanks.
Number one Fan.
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