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@#$% computer (Chatelaine info online)

Poster: Debbie Halstead <jebbydo@yahoo.com>

Pardon my venting -- it has been a long day.

Recently, our shire's chatelaine received a job offer too good to pass
up -- unfortunately, it is on the left coast, which left us in need of
an acting chatelaine. So there I am, at the first meeting I have
attended in a very long time, and since I have a great deal of extra
time for the first time in years, and a few moments of temporary
insanity (or was it lust for power?) I agree to play chatelaine. So I
thought I would roam about on the webpages, and figure out what in the
heck I was doing both through them, and as I went along.
Unfortunately, I can't access any of the chatelaine's info through the
page. All the links come up dead -- even the 1 to email the Kingdom
chatelaine. Now here's my question -- is there another way to get at
the info there -- either an alternative online path (I was going
through the Atlantia website), or hard copies somewhere? Is there
really something there, and my computer just so archaic it can't get
there from here?

Thanks for the help -- 
Deborah of Isenfir

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