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What's in a name?

Maybe YOUR names were accurate, but as to MINE...

Your name of Bruce has made you systematic and practical in all you do.  (Hah!)

You enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from working diligently at a task.  (From COMPLETING the task, maybe; not the work itself.)

Particular about your material possessions, you keep everything you own in a good state of repair,
and you budget your personal finances very carefully.  (I wish!)

You are clever in mathematics and have great patience with work of a detailed nature, such as bookkeeping or accounting.  (Finally, something they got right--except the bookkeeping or accounting part.)

This name limits imagination, flexibility, responsiveness, and spontaneity in your nature. It also limits your sense of humour and any real empathy of the problems of others. (You couldn't be more wrong; just ask my wife!)

Those close to you do not appreciate that you may forget the thoughtful expressions of affection toward them. Your very practical nature does not allow you the appreciation you might have for life's more aesthetic values as it keeps your mind mostly concerned with facts and figures. (Wrong, wrong, WRONG!)

Weaknesses in the health could affect the intestinal tract with constipation and related difficulties such as rheumatism or arthritis.

Maybe I'm just the proverbial "Exception that proves the rule."

And then there's this excerpt from my wife's name analysis--

"Since you often appear to be too unfeeling, factual, and calculating in your dealings with others..."

Also dead wrong.

I think these people need to go back to the drawing board.

Arbogast of Diedenhofen