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NR 12th Night

Poster: SCAEtain@aol.com

I would like to congratulate everyone who made Northern Regional 12th Night go
so well- It was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended!

To start with, the site, in beautiful Dun Carraig, was beautiful. The feast
was Excellent, and huge!  And Court was, well, interesting. Someone else can
comment on that treaty :) 
Oh, and thank you to the performers who came out to entertain us during feast
and the rest of the day. There was never a dull moment.

I especially had fun with the dancing-thanks, Lords Braenden, Stefan, and
everyone else who came out to teach or dance. My feet were sore at the end of
the night, which was just as I hoped it would be! 

Also, a big thank you to Lord Vard, who graciously opened his home for crash
space and a post revel.

I know I am leaving out many people and activities that contributed, but there
was so much to do, I couldn't get to it all. So once again, thank you and
congratulations on an event well done!

Etain ingen Thadgain
(previously from Dun Carraig, now living in Lochmere)
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