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Suggestion from the East!

Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

I thought this was a VERY good idea, and somethng that might work among us...

***>However, do expect to get asked who your knight (red), laurel
(green) or
>pelican (yellow) is if you happen to wear one of those colors.
Politely say
>that you don't have one, but that you like the belt and feel that
the color is
>great for the clothing you are wearing. Anyone who makes a big deal
out of
>type of answer, is uninformed and should be safe to ignore.

You know, there is a rather nifty tradition for these colored belts
might help with the problem of the "Who are you apprenticed, etc. to
not)?" questions. And its rather a nice homage to one's peer.

That is to paint or other wise place the arms of your peer on the end
the colored belt. That gives people the idea that you are wearing a
example) green belt with a particular device because you are
apprenticed to
that Laurel. Then, (this is the nifty part) when you receive the
you paint or other wise mark the same belt with your arms above the
arms and hand that to your new (for example) apprentice. The belt
becomes a
sort of written history of who was who's apprentice. I use
apprentices and
Laurels for this example but, in fact, this custom is done by all

Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod***

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That strange Inglis cannot ken."

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