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Re: Elf-arrows and Shakespeare

Poster: Linda Huegel <lhuegel@vnet.net>

> >
> > >I think there are also refernces to it in
> > Germany and related places.  Most of the reference I've ever seen come out
> > of Scandinavia.<
> >
> > I've heard of it mostly just in the German contexts, but in the German lores, when someone was shot by the elfshot,

> didn't they get a fever and die from what seemed like a terrable flu or something like that?
> >
> > Always,
> > Tristan
> > (who isn't the best at remembering)
>    [snipsnip!]
>    Vague memory (ie -- I could easily be wrong! :) has it that it
> was also refered to as "elf-stroke", still more-or-less in use today
> as "stroke" (rupture or obstruction of an artery of the brain).
> --Landi

i seem to remember somewhere that elf-shot was also blamed for unexplainable abcesses and infected cysts on livestock.
sounds like we have a whole bunch of myths... cool!


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