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(Fwd) finding an atlantian

Poster: "Jay R. Shaner" <konrad@mail.fred.net>

Greetings from Konrad,

If Blaise de Cormeille is on the list or if someone on the list knows 
him, the following message is for him.


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From:           	M Straatmann <mikes@unllib.unl.edu>
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Subject:        	finding an atlantian

Unto Lord Konrad, Clerk of the Precedence for Atlantia, does Mikhail
Nikolaevich send greetings!

Good Lord, I am seeking to find contact information for a gentle in your
fair kingdom.  A person whom I am trying to generate a badge for needs to
try and acquire a letter allowing permission to conflict.   The person I
am trying to reach is:

Blaise de Cormeille whose name was registered in August of 1998 (via
Atlantia); and was formerly known as:  James FitzGeorge, registered in
June of 1991 (via the East).

I was wondering if you could be of any assistance?

Barony of Mag Mor

Michael Straatmann - Circulation Services   
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

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