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Re: Introduction Protcol

Poster: Sallie Montuori <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> THis brings up a question, then.
> let's say I go thorugh all the trouble of thewhoe name business, but it
> doens't pass, and I want to be a member, so I HAVE to have a name that
> passes, Iundersatnd that.
> Anyways!
> If I choose another name to use to just get my membership in, a name that
> works and passes with flying colors, can I still continue to use the name
> I have if no one else is useing it?
> Always,
> Tristan

Well, actually, that's not the way it works.  You *don't* need to register a
name before you can become a member.  Milpitas doesn't care about that; they
only care that you pay the membership dues.  You don't even have to fill in
that blank on the membership form if you don't want to.

You can use any name you want.  It's just that if you choose a name that
someone else uses, you may precipitate confusion, embarrassment or downright
unpleasantness, depending on whose name you choose!

I'll let others better qualified give reasons why registering a name is a
good idea.  Just don't let the lack of a registered name keep you from
participating!  Go ahead and fill out that membership form, and tell them
any name you like!

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