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Re: mail daemon

Poster: "L. Ray Sunderlin" <ray@janrix.com>

Apparently the Mailer Daemon Is sending its error messages out to the
list instead of to the list owner/operator.  I would hazard a guess that
it will be cleared up soon.  If you look all the error messages are 
about messages giong to the same address, basicly one error message for
every posting to the list.

YIS,  Hargrove the Wanderer

Demison1@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: Demison1@aol.com
> Rhawyn Writes:
> I've recieved over 30 messages saying undeliverable mail and I never
> sent any.....help?????
> fionna
> I myself have also received half a ton of these messages, I don't know what is
> going on either.  I didn't anyone else was getting them.
> Maire inghean ui Donnabhain
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