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Fwd: [Northshield]: Fw: heraldry contest


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This came across another list I'm on, and I thought it sounded fun, so I'm
forwarding it to you all!


From: Reia M. Chmielowski <kareina@eagle.ptialaska.net
Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 7:26 PM
Subject: [SCA-RoyalPeers] heraldry contest

From: "Reia M. Chmielowski" <kareina@eagle.ptialaska.net>


Our little branch just got word that our first attempt at a name (Moroedd
Oer, or "Icy Seas" in English) didn't pass due to problems with
documentation, so now we are faced with the somewhat daunting task of
coming up with a new name to submit so that our petition to become a full
branch will be accepted.  To that end we have decreed a contest, to be
judged at our upcoming Blue Moon Feast on the 6th of March.  Entrants need
not be present to win!  (Yes, we will ship the prize if needed.) The
winning entry will be submitted to the College of Heralds along with our
chosen branch coat of arms.

If you've always wanted to name a branch, but didn't have a branch in need
of naming now is your golden opportunity!  We are hoping for something that
is sort of descriptive of the local area.  We are centered on a sand spit
which projects into the Kotzebue Sound, which is part of the Bering Sea,
but we claim the entire northern coastline of the state of Alaska.  We are
north of the Arctic Circle, north of the tree line, and the environment
tends to be somewhat harsh in the winter (right now it is about -40 F, but
the wind chill brings it to more like -100).  In the summer we have
incredible amounts of daylight, there is abundant wildlife in the area, and
berries & mosquitoes are plentiful.

Our first attempt at a name submission was in Welsh.  We are hoping to
avoid using English so that the name will sound slightly exotic, but the
new name doesn't necessarily have to be Welsh.  In fact, choosing a
Scandinavian language would be very appropriate given our northern

Documentation will be required for this contest, since it was a problem
with documentation which made our first attempt fail.  Entries can be
e-mailed to our Seneschal, Lord Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov at
kotzsca@ptialaska.net or you can reach him via snail mail at:

Don Goertz
PO Box 891
Kotzebue, AK 99752

Feel free to forward this contest information to any other list or
individual who might be interested in entering!


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