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Pandora's Box

Poster: Mark Mettler <mettler@bulloch.net>

Well it seems that I Gryffri, have opened the can of Worms or Pandora's
Box as it may well be on this fighting issue.

First to the good gentles of Atlantia, who are gentle indeed and have
yet to injure anyone on the battlefield, I send my humble apology.

To the not so gentle gentles of Atlantia, who wear their SCA battle
scars like medals on their chests and proudly display their list of
people  "injured, bruised, and 'left fighting' " like they were scalps
from raiding Nordic tribes, I say; "Seems to be more to this than any of
you realized."

Clearly, you all agree that Atlantia is different from most of the
Knowne World, and possibly you are proud of this distinction.  I
appreciate the open and honest commentary, and appreciate that no one
made me a pummel to practice, "The pen is mightier than the sword" on.
It was not my intent to divide a house on itself, and so I ask all good
gentles to possibly let this topic cool down for a few days before
picking up where we left off, as to prevent us from saying anything we
can't recover from.

I do imagine, back in the beginning days of the SCA in California where
I did grow up, if any of this type of rough combat went on during the
first couple of events, the SCA would have died out 1970,  and we would
not be having  these conversations.

I wish you all good cheer.

Gryffri de Newmarch
"il est bon de frotter et limer notre cervelle contre celle d'autrui."
(Which means: "It is good that we should rub and polish our minds
against those of others.")

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