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Re: Modern Games as part of an event (was Persona Issues; Game)

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

One game I have run at the past several Fool's Twelfth Nights that has gotten
the entire event involved was a Gluckshause tourney.  I won't go into the
specifics of the game here, but it is a very simple German gambling tabel game
with easy rules that allow players to come and go and gamble as they please.
Each person gets a bag with 10 glass globs to be their money for the day when
they check in at troll.  I have the Gluckshaus table open all day.  I tell
folks that while they are at my table, they have to gamble according to the
rules, but away from my table, the money is theirs and they should do with it
what they will, just like their own money.  There are those who do not wish to
play, so they trade their "money" for services, etc.  There are those who like
to place side bets.  There are those who combine their purses, etc.  It's kind
of fun to have play money to horse around with, knowing that it is no good
except at the game table.  But once you are within the confines of my table,
me and my professionaly trained bodyguard staff make sure that no cheating is
going on.  At the end of the day I ask that all "money" be turned in and
tallied. Whoever has the most wins a small prise.  

I have run the game like this very successfully for at least 3 years, maybe
four (Sine, can you recall?).  

Eogan Og
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