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Regional Dance Practice - Sunday 3/7

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Yes, it's time once again for our bi-monthly (see, I got it right this time!)
dance practices in Chesapeake Beach.  I will be updating our web site shortly
to give a preview of the dances Etain and I are hoping to do this weekend.
That address, in case you've forgotten, is:


We will be dancing from 1-3 pm this Sunday (March 7th).

We had so many first-timers last week that we "ditched" our original dance
card and focused instead on some of the more basic dances and steps.  We
expect to be doing things like that in the future as well, as reinforcement
for our intermediate dancers, and as an introduction for our beginner dancers.

The site itself is about 20-25 miles south of Annapolis, and 20-25 miles east
of Washington, located in a lovely little hamlet lapped by the waters of
Atlantia's private sea, the Chesapeake.  Specific directions to the site are
available on our website, as are answers to frequently asked questions, phone
numbers, and the like.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.  To get me,
call 301-737-0437 or email SCAVard@aol.com.  For Etain (Jess Kravetz) in
Lochmere, either call 410-997-0991, or email SCAEtain@aol.com.

Hope to see everyone there!
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